We are producing a wide range of resources with people living and working with dementia to deliver personalisation in dementia support. You can download and view these resources from this page.
ebookeBook: Beyond life histories is a free eBook written by Helen Sanderson and Gill Bailey. This easy-to-read resource would be helpful to anyone involved in dementia support. It illustrates nine practical ways to deliver personalisation with people with dementia. You can download this helpful guide here.
dementia videoAnimate: Personalisation in Residential Care is a short film describing how the principles of personal budgets have been introduced to a care home for 43 people living with dementia. Learn what happens when people have dedicated personal time to spend as they wish and are matched well with support teams based on common interests here.
OPP picWebsite: The 100 one-page profiles website shares the individual stories of people using one-page profiles for better choice and control from birth to end of life. Enter ‘dementia’ in the search field to find useful stories and examples.
opp miniMini book: The one-page profile meeting process was developed by Helen Sanderson Associates based on work by The Learning Community. This guide will support you in creating a profile with people living with dementia.
Dementia book (2)Book: Personalisation and Dementia; a guide for Person-Centred Practice, written by Helen Sanderson and Gill Bailey. There is widespread agreement that fundamental change is needed in how we support people living with dementia.  This book describes how person-centred practices offer the tools to make this change happen. For more information and to order a copy visit H S A Press.


mini bookMini book: Person-Centred Thinking to Support People with Dementia introduces the reader to practical ways of gathering information and supporting people well. You can find out more about the mini-book series and order a copy from H S A Press.
training 2Training: Helen Sanderson Associates provide training and consultancy for families, individuals and organisations supporting people with dementia. You can learn more about the ‘Person-centred thinking skills with people who are living with dementia’ workshop here.

If you would like to get more information about any of these resources or learn more about dementia and personalisation training please get in touch.


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